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The name "Genia" is a feminine name of Latin origin, meaning "born of the gens".
A gens in ancient Rome was a patrician family or clan, considered to be descended from a common ancestor.
The name Genia thus reflects the concept of belonging to a respected and well-established lineage or community.
It signifies a strong sense of family and the importance of shared values and ancestry.
Genia, your name reminds you of the bonds that connect you to your past and the legacy you carry forward as a member of your family and broader community.

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Happy Birthday Genia Lyrics

Jumping, skipping, oh, so high,
In a world where dreams can fly,
Genia, a name as bright as the sun,
With joy and laughter, oh what fun!

Genia, it means "well-born one",
Like a flower, blooming under the shining sun,
With kindness in her heart, she spreads her cheer,
Bringing smiles to those who are near.

With her magic touch, she brings delight,
Turning grey skies into colors so bright,
She dances with the stars through the night,
Genia, a blessing, pure and light!

In her world of make-believe and play,
Genia creates wonders in her own special way,
Imagination and stardust fill her soul,
A happy spirit, making her whole.

So let's cheer for Genia, full of bliss,
Her name, a treasure, a joyful wish,
May her days be filled with magic and glee,
The happiest child, that's who she will be!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Genia.

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