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Helen, your name is a testament to the resplendent glimmer of the sun.
Originating from the Greek "Helios," it signifies "sunshine" and "light." Like the sun's radiant glow, you bring warmth and illumination to those around you.
Your name captures your radiant spirit, which radiates joy, kindness, and optimism.
It is a name that embodies the essence of a beacon of hope and a source of unwavering inspiration.

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Happy Birthday Helen Lyrics

Helen, oh Helen, a name that's oh-so-clever,
Like stars shining brightly, forever and ever.
Your name comes from Greek, meaning "sun ray",
Just like a smile brightening a cloudy day.

Helen, oh Helen, you make life so fun,
Like a rainbow after rain, you're second to none.
With a heart so warm, and a spirit so free,
You're the friend we all want, the best there can be.

Helen, oh Helen, like a fluttering butterfly,
You bring joy to all, as you dance in the sky.
Your laughter sings melodies, like a sweet lullaby,
Spreading happiness wherever you fly.

Helen, oh Helen, like a blooming flower,
Your kindness radiates with incredible power.
In every hug you give, in every word you say,
You bring smiles and love each and every day.

Helen, oh Helen, a name that shines bright,
Like a beacon of happiness, forever in sight.
With your creativity and imagination so grand,
You light up the world with your magical hand.

Helen, oh Helen, you're special and unique,
A friend like you is what we all seek.
So let's celebrate you, with cheers and cheer,
For you bring joy and love, oh dear Helen, my dear!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Helen.

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