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Helene, your name of Hellenic origin exudes divine beauty and radiance.
It echoes the light of the sun, symbolizing both your inner glow and the brilliance that illuminates your path.
Like the legendary heroine of Troy, you possess a valiant spirit, grace, and unwavering determination.
The name Helene carries within it a reminder that you are a beacon of light, destined to inspire and bring joy to those around you with your luminous aura and compassionate heart.

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Happy Birthday Helene Lyrics

Helene, like a gleaming star, so bright,
In Greek tales, her name takes flight.
From Helen of Troy, her name did derive,
In stories old, she's alive and alive!

In her eyes, a spark, a twinkle so fine,
Helene's spirit, like sunshine divine.
With laughter sweet, she dances with glee,
In every heart, she spreads joy, you'll see!

So here's to Helene, with love sincere,
Her name a melody, so pure and clear.
May her days be filled with laughter and cheer,
For Helene, the one we hold so dear!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Helene.

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